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The main task of ERP systems is to optimise enterprise resources. In one case, this might mean reducing the time necessary to perform cyclical actions, in another, achieving greater productivity or decreasing material consumption. Regardless of that, there is one goal – to make existing processes work faster, more accurately, more efficiently. The software used to help achieve this goal also needs to be optimised. On the one hand, it cannot overwhelm the user with an excessive number of features and options, while on the other, it must provide wide-ranging configuration options and modifications, just as the environment in which it operates changes.

Over many years of work and successive deployments we have managed to develop procedures and create software that can really support the organisation’s work, while being flexible enough that its expansion doesn’t involve months of hard work.

Striving for optimisation...

Why consider implementing the justERP system?
  • Attractive price packages – no software costs! We only quote the adaptation and implementation of specific functions.

  • Flexibility and scalability – the system grows with your business. Extension of existing functionality goes smoothly, without interfering with work.

  • Data security – SSH communication, monitored access to system resources. Don’t let your data fall into the wrong hands!

  • Quick access to information – relevant information is available to all employees. Clear document flow process, clear reports and summaries.

  • All processes in justERP – regardless of your business profile, the implemented system will comprehensively handle all business processes in your company.

  • Any number of users – your company’s development is our top priority. New employees don’t generate system-related costs.