In response to an order from Talent Advisory Group Sp. z o. o., ESNC Sp. z o.o. created and implemented a dedicated system for handling recruitment processes named justHunt.

The implemented solution:

  • provides current offers through WWW
  • automatically creates candidate applications when they register in the portal
  • allows easy management of recruitment projects and individual recruitment activities
  • makes it possible to freely and accurately describe and tag applications
  • sends recruitment tests to candidates, collects their results and allows customisable reports to be created

as well as many other features.

Main challenges:

  • High level of ergonomics in the tool for managing recruitment projects and individual recruitment

  • Dedicated data filtering and retrieval systemh

  • Continuous access to the system without the need for additional software


  • Smooth implementation of the dedicated system

  • Implementation of a number of custom solutions, including the data filtering, grouping and searching system corresponding to the standards of the recruitment company

  • Friendly interface different from typical ERP systems

  • Creation of 14 permission groups, 38 dedicated permissions for system elements for individual users or groups, and 221 access privileges to system components.